• eligibility

    To be considered for the HERS Internship Program, applicants must be undergraduate students or recently graduated, in good standing, and eligible for enrollment in a tribal college or university.

    how to apply

    (1) HERS application

    (2) Letter of Interest: Send a 1-2 page letter explaining your interest in a HERS internship, a description of previous internships or research experience, your academic goals, and how you will apply this experience in your own communities.

    (3) 2 Letters of Recommendations. We require both an academic letter of recommendation as well as a character reference. Upload letters here.

    (4) College or university transcripts

    (5) 1 writing sample:

    • The sample should be 3- 5 pages and represents your own work. Please do not submit a collaboratively written essay.
    • Be sure that the sample includes a bibliography.
    • Submission should be free of grades or marks.

    Summer Applications 2018 are closed